Repairing the Environment

Dried fish has been used as an animal feed for centuries. But now the growth of dedicated industrial fisheries to supply intensive farming is devastating the environment. We need to find an alternative source of protein for animal feed. A leader in the fast-growing waste-to-nutrient recycling industry, AgriProtein is pioneering an insect meal based alternative to fishmeal, helping conserve the oceans, reduce greenhouse gases and up-cycle waste.

  • Starving the Seas: Fishmeal target species from the base of marine food chains. Removing them reduces the food for other species like cod, haddock and tuna. (Greenpeace 2012)
  • Poisoning the Skies: In 2016 fishmeal production generated greenhouse gases equivalent to burning 21 million tonnes of coal. (EPA 2016)
  • Destroying the Oceans: Dolphins, turtles and juvenile fish, which haven’t reproduced, are killed by fishing gear. This ‘bycatch’ is often discarded. (FAO 2014)
  • Insect Meal vs Fishmeal: Producing insect meal generates 80 per cent less CO2 than fishmeal. 2,000 fly farms could save the CO2 absorbed by 13.3 million hectares of forest – half the size of New Zealand. (AgriProtein 2017)