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AgriProtein Africa

Africa is the place we first called home. It is where we started out in the back of an old tractor shed, worked with our first university laboratories and started the experimentation that led to our global solutions. In South Africa we built our first pilot scale units (P1), demonstration plants (D1), and commercial factory (F1).

Our ten year goals are:

  • Grow our Philippi site to double its current production
  • Work with our outstanding regional farmers to refine our products
  • Extend our laboratory and entomology centre to genetic grade capability
  • Use our F1 site as a training base for new plants around the world
  • Continue our cutting-edge development on waste sources in Durban
  • Work with our Gauteng partner to bring clean tech solutions to Pretoria and Johannesburg

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AgriProtein North America

Approximately 40% of all of the food produced in North America gets thrown away. Inspired by nature and powered by innovation, AgriProtein North America is focused on helping the most wasteful continent on Earth grow its food more sustainably.

To reach this ambitious objective, we are building North America’s first network of nutrient-recycling plants to reduce waste to landfill, while profitably producing a sustainable and natural protein to replace fishmeal in animal feed.

Our ten-year goals are to:

  • Create 15 sustainable, profit centre factories producing animal protein, bio-oil and organic fertiliser from organic waste;
  • Make a material impact into North American fishmeal consumption;
  • Cut CO2 emissions by the equivalent of 500,000 tonnes;
  • Divert one million tonnes of organic waste into nutrient recycling; and
  • Improve food security in North America

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AgriProtein Chile

Chile and Peru roughly produce 60% of the world’s total fishmeal. South America has long produced raw materials for animal feed worldwide. Unsustainable rises in arable land use in Brasil and Argentina for soy and marine over-exploitation in Chile and Perú for fishmeal are leading to resource depletion. Working with nature we seek to take the continent on a different, greener, more sustainable path.

To drive this change, AgriProtein South-America is focused on profitably turning organic waste into high quality sustainable protein through its nutrient-recycling plant network. Magmeal™ is the natural sustainable alternative to fish meal.

Our ten year goals are:

  • Growth. Create over 10 factories producing Magmeal™, MagOil™ and organic soil conditioner MagSoil™ from organic residue streams.
  • Change Animal Feed Industry Behaviour. Change must come from within. We will develop strong working ties with leading animal feed producers, tailoring our products to their needs so they choose our products to replace fish meal and oils in their formulas.
  • Alleviate marine resource utilization. We plan to produce 50,000 tons of MagMeal™each year, saving Chilean and Peruvian oceans 250,000 tons of fish on a yearly basis.
  • Change organic recycling habits and patterns. A quarter of the world’s total food production gets wasted and ends up in landfills generating methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more noxious than CO2. We will divert 730,000 tons of organic residue from landfills a year delivering an economic, environmental and social profit.

Av. Apoquindo 4775, Las condes, Santiago, Chile

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AgriProtein Middle East

AgriProtein Middle East believes that we no longer have to choose between profit and responsible global citizenship. Our regional network of nutrient-recycling plants will profitably produce sustainable, natural protein for animal feed – which benefits the environment, end-users and investors.

AgriProtein Middle East will make a significant, positive impact on the environment – by changing the way in which protein is farmed, and waste is managed.

Through AgriProtein’s unique Nutrient Recycling process, we will enhance Food Security, by reducing the region’s dependence on imported animal feeds – whilst reducing the quantity of organic waste going into landfills.

‘In developing countries, the increasing cost and decreasing supply of traditional feedstuffs are expected to constrain the future expansion of poultry production. This situation highlights the urgent need to improve utilization of the wide range of alternative feedstuffs available in these countries.’ – FAO: Poultry and Nutrition and Feed

Due to the central geographic position of the region, we are ideally situated for export – to exploit the growing international demand for feed by ‘sustainably produced’ agri operations.

10 Year Goals:

  • Growth – Establish 15 factories, in key markets, throughout the region
  • Food Security – Support regional efforts to enhance Food Security, by reducing reliance on imported feeds
  • Agricultural Development – Support the expansion of the sector, by providing a reliable source of local feed at a predictable price
  • Better Waste Management – Provide a viable alternative to landfilling organic waste

204 Alamel Plaza, Hail Str, PO Box 6659, Jeddah, 21452

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AgriProtein Europe

Europe is the world’s most advanced recycling region and yet still has increasing demand for and reducing supply of Landfill. Waste sorting starts at home in almost all EU member states and extremely high quality, domestic organic waste streams are available. The Union is also one of the largest consumer blocks of fishmeal and a leader in marine aquaculture.

Our ten-year goals are:

  • Continue the lobbying of new insect legislation in Brussels we started at the beginning of the decade.
  • Start meaningful protein supply and replacement into the North Sea fish farms
  • Help build domestic organic waste streams that enable nutrient recycling
  • Roll out our first continental factories in conjunction with our regional master licensee
  • Build the United Kingdom’s first commercial scale insect refinery

Address: Fritz Schubert Ring 61, Frankfurt am Main, 60388 Germany

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AgriProtein Asia

Asia has led the way in production and exports of both wild capture and farmed fish, making an increasingly important contribution to the region’s food security, while providing expanded employment opportunities and alleviating poverty.  Asia accounts for nearly 90 percent of global production from fish farming and over three-quarters of its value. Of the 15 leading fish producers, 11 are Asian economies. The top six are all in Asia. While China is by far the biggest, it is followed by India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladesh.

Our ten-year goals are:

  • Support the boom in Asian aquaculture by enabling sustainable fish fed production
  • Continue our work with the Australian Government in protecting the delicate shores of the Indian Ocean
  • Serve as a resource to rapidly expanding regional cities, a solution to their waste issues, a real alternative to landfill.
  • Support the regions soil enhancement with outstanding MagSoil enrichment programmes
  • Assist with carbon and noxious gas releases as we organically break down industrial by products and end of life nutrients.

Address: 1501-08 Millennium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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AgriProtein Australia

Australia is a key part of AgriProtein’s global development strategy.  Our connection to the continent is through our regional partner the Twynam Agricultural Group and close connection to the Australian Government drive to safeguard the Indian Ocean. In 2017 AgriProtein was honoured to receive the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Award, for our contribution to the future-proofing of the region’s ocean.

Our ten-year goals are:

  • Establish our first New South Wales waste to protein factory
  • Continental roll out of our proteins, oils and soils facilities
  • Further develop our local network of environmental projects supporting the the Indian Ocean
  • Link with Australian growers to see how we can enrich soils especially in the driest areas
  • Work with the region’s exceptional feed mills through both their local and Asian sales routes

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Unsustainable rises in arable land use in Brazil and Argentina for soy and marine over-exploitation in Chile and Peru for fishmeal are leading to resource depletion.”