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Thank you for your order enquiry. All our products are shipped ex Cape Town in 20 & 50 kilo MagMeal™ bags, no bulk. We stow at .58 t/m3 loaded up to 19 tonnes in a TEU. MagOil™1,040 litre IBCs, MagSoil™ local collection only.

We will provide all necessary veterinary, processing and product detail for shipping and have experience of regional insect meal legislation and import requirements in a number of countries.

Please either email sales@agriprotein.com or use the form on this page to specify your order requirements and we will reply immediately with a quotation. Thank you!

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We are delighted to work with industry protein users and would very much like to engage with you as you review, test, analyse and trial our natural sustainable products.

Please let us know a little about your business or institution, how you would like to work with MagMeal™, MagOil™or MagSoil™ and how we can help. We will be delighted to offer you some initial evaluation product at no charge to get our journey together started. Simply email us at samples@agriprotein.com

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