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Our People

AgriProtein has a great leadership team and an extremely flat and open management system. Our people are our future. Over the years, we have been fortunate to attract some of the most talented professionals in our diverse operating fields, from technical experts to skilled problem solvers.

Our People

Every staff member is vital in our fast developing business, whether they work in factory operations or in our international development teams. Everyone is crucial to our quality delivery and we all need one another.

We operate a meritocracy; it is how we do things. Our business leadership encompasses shift managers who left school at 14, as well as two PhDs and three Masters graduates.

Our emerging business needs not just our 90 full-time staff , but also a range of specialists and experts to make a difference, innovate and deliver.

Our relationships with external partners and the integrity of their own businesses, is an important part of our governance, culture and ethics.

Our Board of Directors

Chair – Stephen Rodger CA

Non-Executive Directors

Johnny Kahlbetzer
Alister Inglesby
Christian Freier
Liesbet Peeters

Our AgriProtein Leadership Team

Our leadership team includes:

Jason Drew*
David Wilco Drew*
Cobus Kotze*
Mark Williams
Dr. Cameron Richards
Olaf Jebens
Marc Lewis
Simon Houghton
Fandro Poggenpoel
John Diener

*Executive Directors

Our business was created with a vision to recycle nutrients and make protein at point of need. Our mission is to reinvent our unsustainable use of fishmeal and deliver an alternative solution that can help safeguard our seas. A local solution with global scale.

Our Science Leadership Team

Research into the biology of our industry, as well as the development of our production processes, is crucial to our business .

From our early days we have sought to partner with leading academics, Universities, Foundations and environmental strategists. These partnerships have helped us overcome the many challenges we have faced in helping build our industry.

We have an outstanding research team headed by Dr. Cameron Richards. He leads a team of 22 people comprising full time staff and students completing their degree MSc and PhD studies on projects that are advancing our understanding of mass insect rearing. A great talent pool from which to recruit for our operations.

In 2017 we will start building our in-house genetics laboratory in Cape Town. Maintaining genetic diversity in our colonies without compromising our production metrics.

Our North American team will lead our research into the antibiotic qualities of MagMeal™ and we plan to announce a research partnership with a University in Asia by the end of Q2 which will lead our research into fly fertility, mating and hatchability.

AgriProtein Research Council

Research is core to what we do, and to ensure our themes always remain fresh and our science cutting edge we have created an extraordinary research council, comprising leading entomologists, nutritionalists and geneticists from around the world. Together they help steer the direction of our future research questions.