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AgriProtein makes MagMeal™ and MagOil™ - a natural protein meal and oil for use as a growth facilitator in agricultural feed preparations. As a by product of our carbon neutral protein production process, we also generate two natural fertilizer ranges, MagSoil™ and Soil+. For a full list of animal trials, support literature, and in depth product analysis please email sales@agriprotein with your name, contact details and organisation.

Click here to view comparative studies on animal feeds for fish, poultry, swine and other intensively reared animals within the Agriprotein brochure (PDF format).

  • MagMeal™

    MagMeal™ is our core 50% protein larvae meal for use in animal feed preparations. It is highly bio-available, a natural growth feed for farmed animals. It is entirely sustainable and its performance has been rigorously tested in independent laboratories and trials in a range of different animal species and life stages. AgriProtein has also concluded independent trials into the sensory and taste characteristics of chickens reared on this natural feed.

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  • MagOil™

    MagOil™ Is high in unsaturated fatty acids and a good source of Omega 6. It has very similar properties to linseed oil. With extremely high palatability it has commercial applications in the pet food market as well as industrial swine production.

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  • MagSoil

    MagSoil is the fine and homogenous organic fertilizer left after the larvae have recycled the nutrients in food waste, and is high in bio-available nitrogen, minerals, and nutrients. MagSoil is a mixture of larvae tea, larvae castings, and undigested cellulose. During the larvae harvesting process, the MagSoil is sifted and sterilised before bagging.

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  • Whole Dried Larvae

    Whole Dried Larvae is simply dehydrated larvae that are supplied in bulk to the pet food industry and small organic farmers.

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