Unsustainable Seas

Aquaculture uses up to 2kg of marine caught fish to produce 1kg of farmed fish, of which we typically eat only 60%, the fillets. 25% of our global marine catch is not used for human consumption; fish stocks globally are in rapid decline.

Blue - AgriProtein

A mature AgriProtein based industry could eliminate the need for almost all fishmeal trawling. This will help our seas replenish their natural stocks, while sustainably supplying farmed fish with their required nutrients. For every tonne of MagMeal produced there is an environmental cost saving of $2,500.

AgriProtein – Recognition:

  • Winner: United Nations sponsored Innovation Prize for Africa
  • Winner: Cape Town Design Capital of the Year Green Programme
  • Winner: World Wild Life Fund – Climate Solver Innovation Award
  • Winner: Green Times - PEA awards
  • Proud ambassadors for: Green Cape, 110% Green, Stellenbosch Innovation District, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the BioCycle

Land Pressure

Plant based proteins contain fewer relevant amino acids and are less effective in monogastric animal feeds than fishmeal. Land based proteins are increasingly expensive to produce as they consume large quantities of land, water and diesel in their production. Farmland globally has become highly efficient using satellite plotting and GM crops; the easiest way to increase output is unfortunately to convert more natural forest and virgin lands over to commercial farming.