Chile and Peru roughly produce 60% of the world's total fishmeal.

South America has long produced raw materials for animal feed worldwide. Unsustainable rises in arable land use in Brasil and Argentina for soy and marine over-exploitation in Chile and Perú for fishmeal are leading to resource depletion. Working with nature we seek to take the continent on a different, greener, more sustainable path.

To drive this change, AgriProtein South-America is focused on profitably turning organic waste into high quality sustainable protein through its nutrient-recycling plant network. Magmeal ™is the natural sustainable alternative to fish meal.

Our ten year goals are:

  • Growth. Create over 10 factories producing Magmeal ™, MagOil™ and organic soil conditioner MagSoil from organic residue streams.
  • Change Animal Feed Industry Behaviour. Change must come from within. We will develop strong working ties with leading animal feed producers, tailoring our products to their needs so they choose our products to replace fish meal and oils in their formulas.
  • Alleviate marine resource utilization. We plan to produce 50.000 tons of MagMeal each year, saving Chilean and Peruvian oceans 250.000 tons of fish on a yearly basis.
  • Change organic recycling habits and patterns. A quarter of the world's total food production gets wasted and ends up in landfills generating methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more noxious than CO2. We will divert 730.000 tons of organic residue from landfills a year delivering an economic, environmental and social profit.

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