Approximately 40% of all of the food produced in North America gets thrown away.

Inspired by nature and powered by innovation, AgriProtein North America is focused on helping the most wasteful continent on Earth grow its food more sustainably.

To reach this ambitious objective, we are building North America’s first network of nutrient-recycling plants to reduce waste to landfill, while profitably producing a sustainable and natural protein to replace fishmeal in animal feed.

Our ten-year goals are to:

  • Create 15 sustainable, profit centre factories producing animal protein, bio-oil and organic fertiliser from organic waste;
  • Reduce North American fishmeal consumption by 50%;
  • Cut CO2 emissions by the equivalent of 500,000 tonnes;
  • Divert one million tonnes of organic waste into nutrient recycling; and
  • Improve food security in North America

AgriProtein North America

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