Our Vision

AgriProtein Middle East believes that we no longer have to choose between profit and responsible global citizenship. Our regional network of nutrient-recycling plants will profitably produce sustainable, natural protein for animal feed – which benefits the environment, end-users and investors.

AgriProtein Middle East will make a significant, positive impact on the environment – by changing the way in which protein is farmed, and waste is managed.

Through AgriProtein's unique Nutrient Recycling process, we will enhance Food Security, by reducing the region’s dependence on imported animal feeds – whilst reducing the quantity of organic waste going into landfills.

‘In developing countries, the increasing cost and decreasing supply of traditional feedstuffs are expected to constrain the future expansion of poultry production. This situation highlights the urgent need to improve utilization of the wide range of alternative feedstuffs available in these countries.’ – FAO: Poultry and Nutrition and Feed

Due to the central geographic position of the region, we are ideally situated for export - to exploit the growing international demand for feed by ‘sustainably produced’ agri operations.

10 Year Goals

  • Growth - Establish 15 factories, in key markets, throughout the region
  • Food Security - Support regional efforts to enhance Food Security, by reducing reliance on imported feeds
  • Agricultural Development - Support the expansion of the sector, by providing a reliable source of local feed at a predictable price
  • Better Waste Management - Provide a viable alternative to landfilling organic waste


204 Alamel Plaza
Hail Str
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